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Zestan was founded in 1988 in Barcelona in a 200 m2 offices. We are now in Parets Del Vallès in the industrial area with a surface of 4,000 m2.

Our activity is based on manufacturing, storing and distributing Point of Sale displays and we have two lines of products:

  • Permanent Point Of Sales displays.
  • Stores fittings.


We offer personalized solutions for each client

We have a 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing permanent material displays for retail. Our main objective is to meet your specific needs with specific solutions.

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Our mission is your satisfaction!


We are in the former factory Tipel of 17,400 m2 which was renovated in 1988 and 2000.

There are two different buildings: one is the work of art of Rafael Bartolozzi and is painted in blue with a crown of thorns above and the other one is from Eduardo Arranz Bravo. They were totally renovated and 6 loading docks were added to the storage area.



Quality Policy

Zestan, S.A. offers its services since its constitution in 1988, within the sector of Point of Sale Advertising (POS), fabrication of displays, industrial parts and auxiliary furniture.


The Management of Zestan, S.A. establishes and issues the present Quality Policy to consolidate and improve the System of Quality Management in all the organization levels.


This policy is established for the following purpose and context:

Activities of design, development, commercialisation, production and shipping of the Products of the Advertising Sector, at a national and international level.


For that reason, the following commitments are adopted, that support the Strategic Management of the organization:

Assuring that the processes maintain the focus to reach the expected results, particularly in respect of the Client Satisfaction.


Reducing the No Quality at the minimum level to avoid risks and threats and to anticipate and reduce the undesirable effects.


Ensuring the observance of all the applicable requirements, as well as the ones specified by the client, the legal and regulatory as well as the ones considered as necessary.


Constantly improving the efficiency of our processes to reach a better improvement of the Quality Management System.


Eventually, the General Management is engaged to deliver the present Quality Policy at the disposal of the persons interested. Moreover, its communication, understanding and application will be assured within the same organization.


Chain of Custody Policy


The Management of ZESTAN S.A. defines and documents its commitment to implement and maintain chain of custody requirements in accordance with the PEFC and FSC® standards that apply to it.


Zestan is an organization whose main objective is to manufacture and market all kinds of displays using materials and extractive processes that respect the environment and society in its activity. One of the raw materials used is wood, which is why Zestan has proceeded to implement a chain of custody system, guaranteeing that the wood acquired has been made following the established requirements during all its processes, ensuring the environmental protection of the forests and their controlled exploitation, as well as the occupational health and safety of all workers involved


Zestan, in a firm commitment to guarantee compliance with the established provisions, guarantees its clients and other interested parts that:


- Acquire wood or its derivatives from illegal logging or through non-legal marketing channels

- Violation of human or traditional rights in forestry operations;

-  Destruction of high conservation values ​​in forestry operations;

-  Significant conversion of forests to plantations or non-forest uses;

-  Introduction of genetically modified organisms in forestry operations;

-  The violation of any of the main conventions of the ILO, as defined in the Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of 1998, and of the social and occupational health and safety requirements that this organization promotes for example:


  • Do not prevent workers from associating freely, electing their representatives or negotiating collectively with the company.
  • Do not use forced labor,
  • Do not make use of the hiring of workers below the legal minimum age of 15 years, or below the age of compulsory schooling, if this is higher,
  • Ensuring that working conditions do not endanger the safety or health of workers.


The Policy is communicated to all Company personnel, and is also available to customers, suppliers or any interested part who requests it.


All this in order to continuously improve, achieving an optimal level of safety for the development of the work, respecting the environment in which they are carried out and adapting the activity to the demands of the contracts.


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